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Thanks for your comment.
If you have not received the outcome you expect you might want to discuss your concern with the doctor. You should expect either a sensible explanation of the reason why your expectation does not match the reality or you should receive some help in finding a sensible explanation, maybe a referral for more testing or further care.

Because of the cost involved, it is not commmon to repeat an MRI following a successful treatment, even though it would be helpful for determining when the job is complete. It may, however, be justified in case of an unexpected treatment failure. But again the barrier is the cost.

I have written about treatment outcome and expectations here.
Maybe that will answer some questions.

i had spinal aid decompression therapy. paid 3500 dollars. 2months later not much better. have herniated discs in lower back and only 30 years old. i was also on supplements. tell me herniated discs don't completely heal, do they. why don't they have a new mri done to see if the discs are better. tell me more please

Thank you for sharing the information. As non-surgical spinal decompression therapy gains popularity in the chronic pain community, more and more back pain sufferers may want to learn if they qualify for the DRX9000 treatment. After spending many hours reading about the decompression therapy I am convinced of the technology and wish to try it to get relieve of the chronic pain.
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